Events Designer

Decorating spaces for all Destination events, birthdays, family parties, company meetings, openings. Every moment is unique. We oversee your event in designing the decoration of the space with decorative elements and floral arrangements, every detail in harmony and following the profile of your event.

Wedding Decorations

For the realization of a beautiful and perfect day, we study the couple's personality and the harmony between the place, the colors and the flowers.

We carry out the projects with the fresh flowers of the season for a perfect combination of the chosen style. We create beautiful settings for the ceremony, decorating the space, tables, and all the details that involve the magical moment and the union between two people. Inspirations and feelings are reflected in the floral arrangements, bouquets, decorations and all the energy of the flowers flows.

The love, creativity and joy of being part of one of the most beautiful moments of your lives is what gives us energy, and at the same time we are looking for new materials, new techniques and the knowledge to always be up to date. This is our everyday goal.